Humble Beginnings

Carlos was young man when he arrived to the United States. Like many other young latinos, he was filled with hopes full of dreams looking for a better life than what they were experiencing in his native El Salvador. Without knowing much Of the Local culture and the language, he settled in Dallas, Texas and begun his journey working us a landscaper (not for too long) because he then will later found the job that changed the direction of his life and dictated the rout of His future. That job was in the restaurant business in which he started as a dishwasher and worked his way up on every position until becoming a restaurant entrepreneur.  

Tio Carlos Flavors and diverse menu is the result of long years of experience and creativity of Carlos and our great team of cooks accompanied by our great relationship and suggestive and helpfull ideas from our lovely customers and friends. Our menu is an invitation on a trip that takes us from Texas and Mexico’s heartland through the Rest of the Americas, where we integrated flavors that are exciting as well as harmonious, blending traditional cocina Tex-Mex, Mexico and some Latin countries where we found the most diverse and extensive hot and full of flavor recipes. 

Our trip starts with one of the best Spicy Hot Sauce in Town (I guarantee it) and our delicious Black bean Dip served with our chips that begins to awaken your taste, and then let our servers take you in a tour guide through our diverse menu. Mouth-watering offerings such as Shrimp Tacos, Lomo Argentino (steak sandwich) and delicious street style Tacos of your choice or how about a delicious Ropa Vieja served with white rice and Maduros (fried Plantains), but some  of Tio’s favoritos are the Brisket Tacos or our popular Chicken Fajitas, or If you are considering a Tex-Mex  Classic our Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas sure will become one of your new favorites. And because everything is made From Scratch using only the highest quality ingredients, you know each meal or each margarita are guaranteed to be an great experience 

Of course, no trip would be complete without a visit to our PET friendly patio, and try some of our fresh crafted Jalapeno margaritas or our delicious Mango frozen or how about a skinny Margarita a hand-squeezed lime juices and one hundred percent agave tequilas picked from our show-stopping tequila Bar. 

And finally if you are planning your upcoming fiestas, your next business catering, your special event or any celebration, let’s us take care and serve your next fiesta whether is at your place of work, at your home or you let us accommodate your friends or families at any of our location private fiesta rooms.

Thank You Carlos